Client: Difi — Agency for Public Management and eGovernment

Project: Identity System

Make conversion happen



How to digitize a directorate and while embracing the humane in a new and seamless visual profile? How to clarify and gather a directorate with several units with differing communication needs and target groups?


Difis social mission is to modernize and redesign the public sector.

This is a big and complex task for an organization with a constantly evolving audience.


Target group:

Norway's population, government agencies



Conversion became motion and movement formed the basis of the entire identity at all levels. The solutions have a clear red line that sets strict boundaries, while opening up for variety. The new visual profile shows digital muscles and helps Difi appear both clearer and unified in all types of communication, across all subject areas.



All of Difis 25 web portals, postal template systems, office furnishing, conventions and own conferences, as well as office supplies.



An identity that moves and is used on all surfaces.


An internally anchored process ensures that Difi appears unified and speaks with one voice in all channels. Tailoring makes it easier for the entire directorate to show who they are. Even a simple meeting presentation has animated animations that give the audience a greater understanding of what Difi is, their leading position and what community assignments they manage. The digitization is our future.


«In order for us to deliver on our social mission and for the target group to understand what Difi stands for, we had to start internally by structuring ourselves and create a common platform and goal-understanding. StudioGeist has helped us throughout the whole process and they have contributed with a unique understanding and knowledge that has given us confidence and pride in carrying out this project».

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