Client: Fudigo AB

Project: Identity, app and web

Great food, tailored for your life



Fudigo is a new concept in Sweden where you can collect dietary guidelines, recipes, ingredients, shopping lists and home delivery in one and the same service.

The service assists entire families with different needs like ex. dietary changes, regular diet, sensitivity to food, etc. The design and user experience should be self-explanatory and inspire for daily use.


Target group:

Everyone who is interested in diets and good dining experiences.



A positive and self-explanatory solution that provides a clear overview, desire and inspiration to make good and proper food for all. The identity is in line with a Scandinavian expression - pure, simple and delicate as the offer itself. In the app, there is a lot of information and different levels of communication, so there special attention is brought towards structure (UX) and providing a successful user experience.



App, web, different materials



The solution gets a lot of attention and new investors wants to invest in the company. Recognized nutritionists contribute and will be implemented in the solution. The concept will be rolled out in several European countries.


«StudioGeist has been invaluable throughout the whole process! The finished results are both delicious and inspiring, and focus is high on structure and positive user experiences».

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