Client: Plankejens

Project: Visual identity and packaging design

For carpenters in all corners of the world


How can a toy made of wood that you build yourself, bring generations together and create inspiration for young and old? And how do you communicate real wood digitally? The approach must bring thoughts back to what has been — without losing the modern relevance to the youngest users.


Target group:

Grandparents, parents, children



Nostalgic and retro packaging with modern design and finish that speaks right to the hearts of the target group. The beaver ”Plankejens” is chosen so even the smallest children will understand what this is, while the retro effect and packaging design speak directly to their grandparents. The name “Plankejens” reflects a local identity — this is a small family business from Fredrikstad, a town with strong historical ties to wood industry.



Packaging design, brochure, website



Great commitment and a very good response and attention in the market. Identity and packaging, in addition to providing an extended purchase experience, have purified the products and contributed to good shelf placements. The toys have become a natural part of the assortment of dealers focusing on crafts and quality, both nationally and internationally. And the packages are often used as window displays to create a retro-shop experience in the stores.


Gold/first price in Visuelt 2018 (Norway), finalist in European Design award (Europe) and first price/gold in Dieline Award (Worldwide).


«StudioGeist has challenged and lifted us further than we dreamed of and we are so proud of the result! Identity and packaging have won both national and international design competitions that have given us a unique position in the market».


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